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Having wealth creates its own set of unique challenges, time consuming responsibilities and serious dilemmas. High net worth individuals and their families are confronted with the need to make decisions on the legal and tax structuring of their assets, on investments, on hiring and firing of in-house or outside advisers, managers and staff, the negotiation of fees, contributions to family and friends in need as well as charities. The list goes on and on.

Advice from conventional sources can be compromised in many ways: by vested interests, the limitations of old advisers in new finacial situations or the (family) relationship with you.

ABP Services is independent from any service provider or sponsor. The organisation is operated as a private, independent and stable family based partnership culture. It has a history of successful investment management and the opportunity exists for clients to invest alongside the founders, on a multi manager best of breed approach.

We see it as our mission to assist our clients to generate a healthy return and to preserve their wealth.
Hendrik J. Teunissen

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