Marlborough Sounds
  Marlborough Sounds 
South Island, New Zealand
March 2005

At ABP Services we provide asset management services in developed and emerging equity and bond markets on behalf of our clients worldwide. We focus on finding opportunities that others miss. Our product offerings follow three main investment approaches.

A Top down investment approach

For enhanced index, multi-asset and fixed income, our emphasis is top-down. We perform proprietary research to analyse the economic and market environment. Using a scoring methodology, we then seek mispricing opportunities at the asset class, country and sector level and leverage our top ideas to construct portfolios.

For fixed income, we believe that an in-depth understanding of consensus drivers helps reveal outperformance potential. Possible performance scenarios are identified and portfolios are constructed which should perform well under a range of market conditions.

Seeking positive earnings surprises

For our actively managed equity funds, and for our range of single strategy hedge funds, we seek companies whose growth prospects are not reflected in their prices. Our investment managers implement stock, sector and country selection decisions with the highest risk/return potential. This strongly emphasises stock selection skills, drawing on our analysts' proprietary research. We follow a "Growth at a Reasonable Price" (GARP) investment philosophy, focusing on those markets, sectors and stocks with the greatest potential for earnings growth. Growth and value disciplines are combined to help avoid the volatility that can occur in a single-style strategy, and obtain better risk-adjusted returns over time.

Structured solutions to meet investors' needs

For a growing number of clients, an approach incorporating the GARP philosophy with sophisticated financial instruments to manage market risk can offer desirable risk/return characteristics. These solutions are designed to generate positive absolute returns under a variety of market conditions, with relatively low correlations to the market.